ANC congratulates Gordhan for delivering a well balanced Budget speech

Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, Medium Term Budget speech

The majority party in parliament, African National Congress(ANC), has congratulated Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, on the delivery of a pragmatic and confidence instilling Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS).

The party praises Gordhan for prioritizing inclusive growth and education in his Medium Term Budget speech announced to parliament on Wednesday.

“The ANC is particularly pleased that government, in managing the choices and trade offs it must make, remains committed to fiscal consolidation balanced by the need for adequate financing of our social transformation programmes targeting particularly the poor and working class. The National Treasury has responded particularly well to the students’ call for greater funding for higher education. The commitment of an additional R9 billion to higher education funding is a significant leap forward in our quest for the progressive realization of free education for the poor.” said the party in a statement.

“The ANC reiterates the Minister’s call for a social compact that enjoins that all societal partners work together towards a common cause – inclusive growth that leaves no one behind.

“We continue to believe it is only through unity in action that South Africa may realise socio-economic freedom.

“Doing this requires decisive and sustained action by all against the cancer of corruption which continues to undermine the gains we are making and distracts us from our shared goals.

“The foundation of resilience that we have built as an economy needs, particularly the private sector, to play a greater and more constructive role by investing in the aspirations and potential of the South African people and economy.

“The South African economy remains resilient and on a firm footing, albeit in a constrained economic environment.” said the party as they express confidence in the current government to rescue the economy amid possible downgrade.

“Working together we can build on the foundation we have already laid to realise the levels of delivery we would like to see, the progressive change we need and the inclusive economic growth that contributes to the creation of a better life for all the people of South Africa.”


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