ANC respect Mabulu’s freedom of expression

In reaction to Ayanda Mabulu’s latest painting that potrays President Jacob Zuma and Nelson Mandela naked, the African National Congress (ANC) says it respects Mabulu’s freedom of expression but find his art-work grotesque, inflammatory and of bad taste.

In a statement, the party says it noted with regret the latest painting by Ayanda Mabulu which portrays President Jacob Zuma in a supposedly sexual act with our late President Comrade Nelson Mandela.
“Whilst we respect Mabulu’s freedom of expression, we find his work grotesque, inflammatory and of bad taste.” said ANC.

“No matter what message he may want to send to President Zuma and the African National Congress, we view his work as crossing the bounds of rationality to degradation, exploiting the craft of creative art for nefarious ends.

“More concerning is his callous abuse of our icon, the late founding president of democratic South Africa.

“Such vulgarity and disdain for the dignity of others is crude, demeaning, derogatory and markedly makes the point that no freedoms, including the freedom of expression, are unlimited.

“Accordingly, the ANC reserves its right to seek recourse through the criminal justice system as well as the institutions set up to promote and protect the fundamental human rights of all in South Africa. ”

Ayanda Mabulu’s controversial paintings of Zuma:

Ayanada Mabulu was heavily creaticized in recent times for his obssession on President Zuma’s private part on his art-work/paintings:

Mabulu’s paintings expresses the level of his frastration over Zuma’s leaderhip of the ruling party and that of the state.


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