ANC Veterans calls for an early Consultative Conference

ANC Struggle Veterans/Stalwarts calls for an early Consultative Conference

The African National Congress (ANC) ‘Struggle’ stalwarts said they are requesting for an early Consultative Conference so that they will be able to discuss Constitutional issues that need to be scrutinized.

ANC Struggle Veterans
ANC Struggle Veterans

ANC Stalwart Frank Chikane said the manner in which Governmental and Party are chosen needs to be reviewed and possibly changed.

“The reason we would want to have it earlier is because we believe that the intervention on  processes leading to the policy conference and the elective conference are critical because what happens at that conference will determine the direction the ANC will be taking beyond that and that’s critical,” said Chikane.

“And also loading some of the policy issues like constitutional issues, like the manner in which leaders are elected both in government and in the party; the elective system, electoral laws, the constitution, there are issues that might need to change,” he added.

ANC veterans on Tuesday held a briefing in Johannesburg, following their review of President Jacob Zuma’s January 8th Statement.

The group says it will meet with the party’s top six next week to discuss the state of readiness for the consultative conference, which the National Executive Committee resolved should be held two days before the policy conference in June.

However the Veterans maintained their previous position that they don’t want the conference to coincide with the policy gathering.

Another ANC Stalwart Murphy Morobe said there is a need to hold the conference as early as possible.

“The need is to emphasise out there the sense of urgency, not just for the party but it’s also for the country as well,” said Morobe.

Chikane then said in yet another bid to rebuild the ANC, they will be meet with alliance partners and other stakeholders in society.

“So we will be arranging meetings with the leagues of the ANC – youth league, women’s league, veterans league,” he said.


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