EFF rejects the Bell Potinger apology

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rejects the Bell Potinger apology and called for NPA to ban the company from operating in the country

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has rejected the apology made by the London-based public relations firm Bell Pottinger for damaging the reputation of citizens, especially the politicians, business people and office bearers to the advancement of the Guptas family business interests.

The company said on Thursday it had fired a partner in charge of a PR campaign in South Africa that the political opposition says had inflamed racial tensions.

In a media statement the party said it rejects the Bell Potinger apology and notes it as insincere as it makes no means to address the damage done.

“The apology issued by Bell Pottinger is disingenuous as they have made money out of destroying people’s reputation; monies they do not plan on paying back even as reparations to the affected persons and entities. ” said EFF

The party accused Bell Pottinger of driving a fake news campaigns which affected many good causes negatively include the party itself.

“Above all, they have exploited racial tensions in our country all in the name of diverting public focus on the Gupta family.

“This apology is not only a mockery to a genuine struggle of emancipation but it also undermines the damage destroying reputations has done to families and the entire country. “

EFF has called on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to take decisive legal action against Bell Pottinger.

“The legal action must be nothing short of subsequently banning Bell Pottinger from the country. The banning of Bell Pottinger will send a strong message to all who undermine the gift of democracy and free speech which came at the cost of life itself. “

The party has reiterated its call for Guptas family accused of capturing the state to leave our country.

“Not only have they looted our coffers, they have done so whilst using a propaganda campaign relying on unethical means.

“They have rendered our public discourse toxic with fake news.

“They do not deserve to be in our midst; they must pack and go back wherever it is they came from. “




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