EFF sack at-least six councillors for voting with the ANC

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has  announced that it has suspended six of its Mogale City councillors for voting with the ruling party African National Congress (ANC) during the budget vote and motion of No confidence.

The EFF Central Command Team, which sat yesterday on 07 October 2017 has taken a resolution, following the National Disciplinary Committee outcome, to expel the six EFF Mogale City councillors who defied the organisation by voting with the ANC.

On the 11th of July 2017, six EFF Councillors contravened the EFF decision not to attend the Mogale City Budget vote Council meeting in which the ANC needed its budget to be passed. These councillors not only helped for a Council meeting quorum to be constituted, they also voted in favour of the proposed ANC budget.

The organisation took exception to this conduct as it returned the public purse in the hands of the ANC. This is the same ANC that the people of Mogale City removed from the government following the 2016 local government elections outcomes. It is the same ANC that has been looting the public purse since 1994 to the exclusion and marginalisation of our people.

The party said its mandate not to vote with ANC was consistent with fighting corruption as reflected in our non-negotiable cardinal pillar number seven. Thus, these six councillors, namely Ms Nhlanhla Shilubane, Ms Nomonde Nkatu, Ms Lemogang Modisane, Mr Eric Baloyi, Mr Edward Motsitsi and Mr Simanga Mkhumbeni, essentially betrayed our revolutionary tenant. Accordingly, they have been expelled.

” As per the EFF Code of Conduct and Revolutionary Discipline, the sentences of suspension, or expulsion, must be confirmed by the CCT. The CCT has therefore essentially confirmed a sentence of expulsion as reached by the EFF National Disciplinary Committee.” said EFF in a statement

“The six EFF councillors have the right to appeal, however, the expulsion sentence is effect even when under appeal.

The EFF said it will communicate with the Mogale City Municipal Manager so as to declare the six vacancies and so that the EFF can replace all the six councillors.


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