EFF urges DA to remove Helen Zille as Western Cape premier

The Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) has called on the Democratic Alliance (DA) to deal decisively with the Helen Zille racist matter.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille

The EFF slammed the official opposition for temporarily suspending the current premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille from all party related activities but leaving her in-charge of the Western Cape as the premier.

In a media statement the EFF has rejected the DA’s decision to temporarily suspend Hellen Zille from party activities until the full disciplinary hearing into her is concluded.

This decision means the DA cares more about itself than it does about the people of South Africa because Hellen Zille will continue to be a premier of the Western Cape.” said EFF

“Any suspension that does have an implication on her position as premier is futile and irrelevant to the rest of the people.

“If her disciplinary process means it is important that she does not participate in DA activities, why is this not also the case with government? What makes DA decision making structures more important than the people’s government structures that she presides over as premier?

“The logic of our democratic system means the people voted for the DA and not Hellen Zille. She is meant to receive mandate from the party. This, the question is, during the suspension who is Hellen Zille representing and where is she taking such a mandate from?

“The DA is demonstrating incapacity for administering justice and prioritizing the people of South Africa. Hellen Zille’s racist comments for which she is being subjected to a Disciplinary Process offended the people of South Africa. By not protecting the people of South Africa, the DA, like the ANC, is choosing the party and an individual above the people. 

“If Zille is not worthy to be in DA party activities and meetings during her DC, the same must apply with provincial government structures.


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