Mangope was an outspoken opponent of the democracy – ANC

Lucas Mangope, Bophuthatswana
Lucas Mangope, Bophuthatswana

The former Bophuthatswana leader, Kgosi Lucas Manyane Mangope has died at the age of 94. Kgosi Lucas Mangope (27 December 1923 – 18 January 2018) was the leader of the Bantustan of Bophuthatswana and the founder and leader of the United Christian Democratic Party (UCDP), a minor political party based in the North West of South Africa.

Following his passing on Thursday, the African National Congress (ANC) have sent his family and friends some heartfelt condolences despite their ideological difference they hear during the don of the democracy.

“Mr Mangope was among the African personalities that emerged in the 1970s as leaders of the Bantustan territories created by the apartheid regime as part of its strategy to consolidate, in the name of self-governance, tribal homelands that sustained the apartheid social engineering of ethnic division.” said ANC in their statement in his passing.

“Although Mr. Mangope was an outspoken opponent of the democratisation project in South Africa as led by the ANC, the ANC continued to maintain a tone of respect and willingness to engage in search of a common objective of national liberation and democracy in South Africa. 


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