Parliament resolves on “Land Expropriation Without Compensation!”

Land Expropriation Without Compensation, EFF in parliament

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has led parliament to pass the resolution on the Land Expropriation Without Compensation.

The EFF led motion which was amended and supported by the ruling party African National Congress (ANC) won with the outright majority of 241 votes.

The resolution means government will have now powers to take away land from the owner without compensation if the bill is passed into the law once it approved by the the Constitutional Review Committee of Parliament.

This resolution by the National Assembly follows the resolution of the 54th National Conference of the ANC which resolved that the ANC should, as a matter of policy, pursue expropriation of land without compensation. Conference resolved that this should be pursued without destabilising the agricultural sector; without endangering food security in our country; and without undermining economic growth and job creation.

The President of the ANC and the President of the Republic of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, in his State of the Nation Address, made a commitment that government would continue the land reform programme that entails expropriation of land without compensation, making use of all mechanisms at the disposal of the State.

President Ramaphosa said the “Land Expropriation without compensation” will be implemented in a manner that will increase agricultural production, improve food security, and ensure that the land is returned to those from whom it was taken under the brutality of colonialism and apartheid.

The Land, insisted the Freedom Charter, “Shall be Shared Among Those Who Work It.” This meant that “restrictions of land ownership on a racial basis shall be ended, and all the land re-divided amongst those who work it.”

The ANC in Parliament said it appreciates the need to take bold steps that will transform the economy including land ownership and reform.

“This resolution therefore heralds a new era of intensified land distribution to address the long standing national grievance of African people around land dispossession.” said ANC.

“We look forward to the outcome of the Constitutional Review processes on the modalities of expropriation of land without compensation.

“As the ANC in Parliament, we will closely monitor this process.”

The resolution demonstrated the power of unity amongst the people for the common course.


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