Patricia De Lille’s Full ‘Resignation Letter’ to Maimane

‘I think that the province is ready for fresh ideas and fresh leadership from a new generation’ – Patricia De Lille

Patricia De Lille’s Full ‘Resignation Latter’ to the Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane:

27 January 2017

Attention: Federal leader

Subject: Resignation
Dear Mmusi,

When I ran to be the Provincial Leader (PL) of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Western Cape in 2015, I had six leadership objectives that I wanted to achieve:

1. A leadership that makes rural issues its own;

2. A leadership committed to winning new DA supporters in every municipality, includingthe metro;

3. A leadership that wants to make a political home for everyone;

4. A leadership that communicates that we are a party of government;

5. A leadership that engages;

6. A leadership that shares the lessons of government.

After the honour of being elected, I immediately set out to lead the team in the province to meet these goals. Over the past two years, I believe that we have made significant progress.

With the party leadership in the province, we managed to improve our electoral performance in focal government across the province in 2016, including urban and rural areas, increasing the number of DA governments. We significantly raised the percentage of support in the metro even with a high baseline from 2011. We reached out to both traditional and non-traditional voters and managed to increase our support across the board, making this party a home for everyone in the province. We have spread the message of DA government here in our province and to our new metros and have gone even further, committing resources to help new DA governments around the country. And our provincial leadership team has been at the forefront of leading party campaigning efforts.

In all, I believe we have managed to meet the objectives I campaigned on through hard work, dedication, and a firm belief in the DA’s agenda. But I cannot view these achievements in isolation from my role as a government leader as the Executive Mayor of Cape Town.

The responsibility of a two thirds majority weighs heavily on me. This result is a massive endorsement of the DA’s record in government in Cape Town but it is also a tremendous responsibility. An increase in support does not signal a retreat into complacency or a license to be arrogant with power. Rather, it provides an opportunity to use the mandate to exceed the expectations of our voters and indeed all the people of Cape Town to do even better and to take government to the next level.



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