Paul Mashatile join calls for President Zuma to resign ahead of SONA

ANC) Treasure General Paul Mashatile

The African National Congress (ANC) Treasure General Paul Mashatile has called on President Jacob Zuma to immediately relinquish power as the President of the state to avoid the ‘confusion of the two centers’ of power in the country.

Paul Mashatile told CBNC Africa that the best possible way to avoid having two centers of power in the country would be for President Jacob Zuma to resign.

“Our view is that there should be a change of guard. You need to transfer power‚ you can’t have two centres of power. We want to see a situation where there is one centre with no tension‚ and the best possible way is if the state president exits‚” said Mashatile in an interview with CNBC Africa .

Mashatile also said that the best way to achieve this would be to go to Zuma and say “look we’re not booting you out but we think we can work better this way”.

Mashatile’s remarks comes at times when President Jacob Zuma faces increasing calls to resign ahead of Thursday’s State of the Nation Address (Sona).

According to reports, the ruling party’s national working committee (NWC) have resolved to stop President Zuma from delivering the SONA address to the nation at the opening of Parliament next week.

The opposition has also asked the Speaker of the National Assembly to have motion of confidence against Zuma tabled before the SONA, the request which was rejected by parliament.

President Zuma is expected to deliver the much anticipated SONA 2018 in parliament this week.


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