Zuma promises to return Land to the rightful owners

President Jacob Zuma addressing the ‘Big Land question’ in parliament said Land would be returned to its rightful owners.

Once again President Zuma promises to return the land stolen from Blacks during apartheid by the Europeans colonial powers.

The President said, meanwhile, that he had heard concerns that land restitution had not been addressed at a desired pace.

He said he stated upfront in the SONA that government had not met the targets.

“One reason for the delays is that we had chosen to use the ‘willing buyer willing seller’ principle which in many cases resulted in the state having to pay large sums of money to acquire land.

“The introduction of the office of the Valuer General is assisting us to ensure that we do not pay excessive land prices,” he said.

He said the Land Expropriation Amendment Act, when finalised, will also assist in fast-tracking land reform.

“This government has the interest of the people at heart, and will do all in its power to ensure that land is returned to the people.”



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