ANC Chief Whip not scared of Hlaudi Motsoeneg’s warning


The office of the African National Congress(ANC) Chief Whip has released a statement responding to the SABC Boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s latest threats on their Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu.

The ANC in parliament says they are not worried nor threatened about the comments made by Motsoeneng. The former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng warned Jackson Mthembu that he will release defamatory information about him if he doesn’t stop talking.

ANC Chief Whip Statement:

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip is disturbed by the defamatory allegations attributed to Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng, which suggest improper motives on the ANC Chief Whip regarding his articulation of the ANC Parliamentary Caucus’s position on the challenges at the SABC.

While Mr Motsoeneng’s spurious utterances are laughable and unworthy of a serious response, they are nonetheless malicious and, if left unchallenged, might stand as a fact amongst some members of the public. The Chief Whip states for the record that he has never at any point held any meeting with Mr Motsoeneng, certainly not at any location, including the so-called ‘captured hotel’, as claimed by him. The Chief Whip also harbours no other interest regarding the SABC, including personal interests, other than those which are shared by the ANC – which is to ensure a functional, efficient and well-managed public broadcaster that executes its public service mandate and consistently inspires public confidence in its operations.

By publicly and deliberately alleging otherwise, including improper motives, Mr Motsoeneng has severely maligned the person of the Chief Whip. The personal attacks, regrettably, are a further testimony to the crisis at the SABC and points to the lengths Mr Motsoeneng would go to flagrantly abuse the public broadcaster’s platforms to maliciously pursue those he regards as detractors.

The Chief Whip has nothing to hide, and therefore Mr Motsoeneng is challenged to publicly state whatever he threatened to disclose or else publicly withdraw his utterances.

The Chief Whip has also engaged the services of a lawyer to advise if Mr Motsoeneng’s public allegations are not in violation of his personal rights and if a legal recourse, including suing for defamation, cannot be sought. Further action will be announced in this regard.


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