ANCYL reveals their preferred Presidential candidate


The African National Congress Youth League(ANCYL) announced the kind of leadership that they are prepared to lobby for in the “ANC Presidential Race”, he who is radical and eager to challenge white monopoly capital.

President Jacob Zuma to step down as the President of the African National Congress(ANC) at the end of his term in 2017 December, ANC branches to elect Zuma’s successor at the party’s 54th National Conference which will be held in Gauteng province.

ANCYL did not announce their preferred candidate for the ANC Presidency like the Womens League did last two weeks, but detailed the attributes of the leader they would like to have.

The ANC Youth League said it will be prioritizing principles of leadership over names of leaders.

ANCYL Criteria for Zuma’s successor

  1. The ANC will support comrades who will prioritize the program of radical economic transformation not in theory but in practice.
  2. The ANCYL will support leaders who will be committed towards the advancement of Free Quality Education for the poor.
  3. The ANC Youth League will only support leaders who will advance the establishment and functionality of the State Bank that will invest in true developmental initiatives of our country.
  4. The ANCYL will support Leaders who will advance, in practicality land restitution and must have a lot of appetite to collapse White Monopoly Capital.

The Youth League siad their National Executive Committee will ultimately take the decision on who to support having looked at principles of leadership and promote unity of the ANC.

We will not be forced to become petty and announce names without a framework on what the ANC needs.

ANCYL criticized the alliance partner Cosatu & SACP for endorsing Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to succeed President Jacob Zuma as the ANC President

In brief:

We have also noted the temptation and eagerness by some alliance partner to pronounce their preferences on who should lead the ANC. The ANC has never interfered on how they elect their leadership and as such they must not attempt to interfere with the processes of the ANC. The alliance is a strategic collaboration born out of struggle to build a better life for our people and not leadership preferences. The alliance is meant to function as a critical instrument in the advancement of the National Democratic Revolution not leadership preferences



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