Crime Stats gives ‘limited idea’ of the levels of crime – EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says the 2016/17 Crime Statistics presented by Police Minister comrade Fikile Mbalula and senior management of the South African Police Service (SAPS) in Parliament today only gives a limited idea of the levels of crime and not the true picture of crime in South Africa. 

The statistics shows crime overall in the Country reduced by 1.8% while contact crime is down by 3%; Murder is up by 1.8%; Attempted murder is up by 0.4%; Assault with intent on grieves bodily harm is down by 6.6%; Sexual Offences are down by 4.3%.

However Julius Malema led party was not convinced, and criticized Minister Mbalula’s first crime statistics as a police minister saying the stats relies more on reported cases to the police stations, excluding unreported cases.

“The crimes of sexual assault, in particular against children, are under represented by these stats for the obvious reason that many victims do not report to the police.” said EFF.

“Most importantly, the reductions as stated are not necessarily a reflection of the SAPS’ ability to combat crime. Majority of our people do not find effective responses from the police to criminals, including adequate and speedy resolutions of reported crimes.

“In essence, the statistics that matter if we are to restore public confidence and trust in our police, are those of resolving reported crimes. This includes the efficiency in terms of speed and precision. Our police are amongst the most unprofessional, inefficient and unreliable public servants with little ability to investigate and combat crimes.

“Our society’s levels of crime signify the inhuman condition of high unemployment and poverty in a country of first world proportions of wealth. This condition of living amidst high levels of super wealth whilst many suffer in squalor and poverty, is a great assault to the humanity of our people, in particular black people. This means until there is economic emancipation there will never be any resolution to violent crime.”

The party said the crimes of sexual assault will remain, even if economic freedom can come tomorrow, because of patriarchal domination that privileges male sexual power and pleasure.

“The masculinities that continue to thrive in our country are those that perceive women as objects of sexual satisfaction. Thus, there must be a war against patriarchy and all forms of sexual violence from all corners of society and not just the police if we are to win against rapists and other sex offenders. “






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