EFF General Treasury Magdalene Moonsamy quits

Magdalene Moonsamy
EFF General Secretary Magdalene Moonsamy quits

The Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) have announced the resignation of its General Secretary Magdalene Moonsamy after the party failed to win even just one municipality in the latest local elections.

The party released the statement saying she has resigned because she want to focus on her newly established law firm called Moonsamy Attorneys.

She will be replaced by Leigh-Ann Mythys: The party announced yesterday in press conference that Leigh-Ann Mythys will replace Magdalene Moonsamy as the Treasury General of the party in preparation for the upcoming National Elections

EFF Statement on Magdalene Moonsamy’s resignation:


The EFF has received a resignation letter from the Treasurer General of the EFF as elected in the 1st National People’s Assembly, Commissar Magdalene Moonsamy. Commissar Moonsamy has cited that she is over-committed in her new role as a legal practitioner. Commissar Magdalene Moonsamy has started her own Legal Practice called Moonsamy Attorneys, which will require her full time attention and focus. This makes it impossible for her to perform her the TG functions, which is a full time responsibility as established in the Constitution of the EFF. Commissar Moonsamy remains a member of the CCT and will perform duties expected of members of the CCT.

As the highest decision making body in between National People’s Assemblies, the CCT has appointed Commissar Leigh-Ann Mythys as Treasurer General. Commissar Mythys has been a member of the EFF since its inception in 2013, and is a member of the CCT who has been in the Finance Committee. She is currently deployed a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly and has been the National Council of Provinces delegate from 2014 to 2016. The CCT collective has full confidence in Commissar Leigh-Ann Mythys and will give her the necessary support to fulfil all her functions and duties with excellence.


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