EFF remembers Robert Sobukwe by demanding land


EFF demands land expropriation without compensation in honour of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe of PAC

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it remembers Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe by reiterating the demand for land expropriation without compensation for equal redistribution.

The party in a statement to honour Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe – the founder of Pan Africanist Congress in opposition to South Africa under apartheid, has again made another troublesome call for land expropriation without compensation for equal redistribution “LAND GRAB”.

The last time EFF spoke of land, the economy went down!, they were taken to court, they were told of anrchy & violence, threat to stability etc.

In their statement remembering the fallen hero of the struggle, the party said “without the land many black people cannot call this country their home”.. hah!

EFF on Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe

  • Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was a morally upright heart who lived selflessly for the freedom and liberation of our people.
  • He was an honest heart that never benefitted personally and or his family at the expense of the country.
  • He was a patriotic heart that never sold the country to foreign families or put personal interests above those of our people.

The party has called on all South Africans to embrace the lesson of Sobukwe’s life whose memorialisation apartheid feared the most.

“Of all liberation heroes, it is a fact that the white minority establishment feared Sobukwe the most to the extant of passing special parliamentary laws to continue his incarceration without trial. ” said EFF

    The fundamental idea that apartheid feared in Sobukwe is the unconditional and uncompromising demand for the land as first and foremost belonging to Africans. This truth, which is compromised in the Freedom Charter is what white racists do not like to hear, let alone to implement.
    His memory says South Africa and Africa belongs to Africans who can then decide whether to share it with Europeans or not. His memory reiterates that only those willing to die for this continent and its people are worthy of living amongst us as our brothers and sisters.
    The white establishment is afraid of this ideal because it points to the truth that whites as a group stole the land through a brutal crime against humanity- colonization. They are afraid of Sobukwe and us memorializing him because he represents this truth and they hate the reality of depending on Africans’ approval in order to belong to Africa.

The EFF said they will never burry the memory of Sobukwe and will continue to demand the land to return to Africans and shall do so with the same tenacity as he did.

“We shall expropriate land without compensation for equal redistribution using democratic and peaceful means. If needs be, we shall make sure to realize this ideal through whatever revolutionary means possible.” said EFF

“Long live the spirit of Sobukwe and Mandela, Long Live.


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