EFF supports Gupta family’s decision to sell its shares to SA citizens


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) say it support the announcement made by the Gupta Family selling its shares in South Africa by end of this year.


Over the weekend the Family issued a statement saying the decision will be beneficial for the country and its citizen.

This come after the controversial family left the country following corruption scandals; they were also accused of inverting in state owned enterprise illegally.

The family also claimed that its local management team had grown exponentially since their decision to step down from executive and non-executive positions earlier this year.

The company owned by the Gupta family includes Sahara Computers, Sahara Systems, JIC Mining Services, Shiva Uranium, The New Age, Tegeta Resources and Clifftop Lodge.

According to reports the Family gained a full control over state owned enterprise such as Eskom after being closer friends of President Jacob Zuma.

Opposition parties have critics the family saying they have influenced President Zuma to elect some of Presidential candidate especially individuals whom are not fit for the office.

Meanwhile.the EFF’s Fana Mokoena says they will keep a close eye on the sale of the shares because they believe the Guptas and all those who have ties with them cannot be trusted.

“We don’t trust the Guptas and their puppets and the president and his sons… as long as the country can move forward.”

He says they hope once the family has left the country order will be restored in the public sector.

“The Guptas have confused the public sector by appointing ministers. We are hoping that when they leave we can start from a clean slate.”

Mokoena says the party will wait to see if the shares will be sold to honest and trustworthy citizens.

By Vusi Romio Ndove


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