Gwede Mantashe – ANC need “Succession Debates!”


ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says his party needs a strong leadership succession debates

Gwede Mantashe
The Secretary General of the ANC, Comrade Gwede Mantashe

Mantashe said the ruling party desperately need a strong succession debates from branch level up in order to avoid the so-called “accidental leadership succession”.

Addressing supporters on his party’s readiness to host the 105 Anniversary celebrations in Orlando Stadium, Soweto on Sunday, Mantashe urged ANC supporters, members and the community of Soweto to come out in numbers to celebrate the movement 105 Birthday.

” As we celebrate #ANC105 years, we ask that people come out in their numbers to join us at Orlando Stadium on Sunday,” said Mantashe.

” For 83 years, ANC fought for Freedom.

” Has been in government for 22 years.

” It is now 105 years old

Matashe urged members & supporter to get together at the Orlando Stadium to celebrate 100 years of President Oliver Tambo” said Mantshe.

“It is our responsibility to build & unify the ANC. To strengthen the ANC, we need strong and active branches” said Mantashe.

” It is our responsibility as leaders of the ANC at all levels to shout corruption & looting as a demon. Must be defeated

” Let us strengthen our fight against corruption & looting

” We need people that will talk of the programmes & policies of the ANC, not individuals. Let us fight factions

” We need succession debates in order to avoid accidental leadership succession. We need people that are ready to lead





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