Patricia De Lille quits DA top position [Full Letter]


Democratic Alliance (DA)’s Western Cape Leader and Cape Town Mayor, Patricia De Lille, has resigned as the party’s provincial leader.

De Lille sent her resignation letter to DA leader Mmusi Maimane, thanking him for support and stating her reasons for her resignation.

She said she resigned because she wants to pay more attention to her role as Mayor

Patricia de Lille’s resignation letter

27 January 2017

Attention: Federal leader

Subject: Resignation

Dear Mmusi,

When I ran to be the Provincial Leader (PL) of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Western Cape in 2015, I had six leadership objectives that I wanted to achieve:

1. A leadership that makes rural issues its own;

2. A leadership committed to winning new DA supporters in every municipality, includingthe metro;

3. A leadership that wants to make a political home for everyone;

4. A leadership that communicates that we are a party of government;

5. A leadership that engages;

6. A leadership that shares the lessons of government.

After the honour of being elected, I immediately set out to lead the team in the province to meet these goals. Over the past two years, I believe that we have made significant progress.

With the party leadership in the province, we managed to improve our electoral performance in focal government across the province in 2016, including urban and rural areas, increasing the number of DA governments. We significantly raised the percentage of support in the metro even with a high baseline from 2011. We reached out to both traditional and non-traditional voters and managed to increase our support across the board, making this party a home for everyone in the province. We have spread the message of DA government here in our province and to our new metros and have gone even further, committing resources to help new DA governments around the country. And our provincial leadership team has been at the forefront of leading party campaigning efforts.

In all, I believe we have managed to meet the objectives I campaigned on through hard work, dedication, and a firm belief in the DA’s agenda. But I cannot view these achievements in isolation from my role as a government leader as the Executive Mayor of Cape Town.

The responsibility of a two thirds majority weighs heavily on me. This result is a massive endorsement of the DA’s record in government in Cape Town but it is also a tremendous responsibility. An increase in support does not signal a retreat into complacency or a license to be arrogant with power. Rather, it provides an opportunity to use the mandate to exceed the expectations of our voters and indeed all the people of Cape Town to do even better and to take government to the next level.

I believe we have ability to do even more in Cape Town for all of our residents. During last year’s election campaign, you noted that while we have made progress in Cape Town, there is stilt more we can do to address the injustices of our past and create a better future for everyone. I could not agree more. One cannot do the same things and expect to get different results. That is why, in order to improve our performance for all residents, we have embarked on implementing our Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP), in accordance with the Cape Town manifesto’s commitment to modernize and reform the government to improve service delivery.

The Implementation of the ODTP is well underway and It’s aims will help deliver a progressive agenda of creating an opportunity society with a government that believes in and acts on the principles of working for redress, reconciliation, delivery, and diversity.

Recently, Cape Town was named one of the top 30 cities for Foreign Direct Investment in the world, the only African city recognized, This is due in large part to our intensive efforts to promote investment in the city and to create the economic enabling conditions in which such (investment can thrive and jobs can be created. This is in keeping with our strategy of putting Cape Town on the global map. As you may have noted recently in your pursuit of an alternative foreign policy agenda for South Africa, it is up to the DA to reclaim South Africa’s status on the world stage after years of ANC mismanagement, Cape Town has been taking the lead along with other cities in the world in fashioning a new urban agenda and we will continue to meet our responsibilities in global city leadership organisations, especially the C40, the Global Commission on Economy and Climate, the OECD Inclusive Cities, and the 100 Resilient Cities network.

Taking Cape Town to the next level of government is an exciting prospect but one that will take of my time. As we position the party to be the next national government, I believe that those of us in government in other spheres have a duty to build the party’s experience in and capacity for public management in preparation for effective custodianship of the state. I believe we are well on our way to get this experience, thanks to the excellent work of my colleagues in the Provincial Government under Premier Helen Zille, my fellow mayors, and the outstanding team in Cape Town.

I believe that I have achieved the goals I set out to as the PL. I have been privileged to lead a dynamic and energetic team in the Provincial Executive and have full faith in their abilities. I must also thank the staff establishment for their continued excellence under the CEO of the party, Paul Boughey, and the Provincial Director, Han-Marie Marshall Van Zyl. The partnership between public representatives, party staffers, activists, and volunteers is the secret of the DA’s success.

I think that the province is ready for fresh ideas and fresh leadership from a new generation that will challenge us and take us to new places in order to increase our support as the party enters the next phase of its evolution.

I hereby tender my resignation to you as the party leader, effective from the 1st of February, 2017. I will notify the relevant party structures in accordance with party rules. I will not stand for election asthe provincial leader at the next Congress either.

I will be ready and willing to support the new leadership in any way that I can. I will also continue to support you as the leader of the party. It is my sincere belief that you can lead this country and help it reach its potential. I will give you my fullest support in making that ambition a reality.

I would like to thank you for the support you have given me in my political duties and look forward to your continued support in my capacity as a government leader.

I will make this resignation public this Sunday, the 29 of January, 2017, and will use that opportunity to thank all DA public representatives, DA staffers, activists, volunteers and most importantly, DA supporters and voters for their support.

Yours sincerely,


Patricia De Lille


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