President Zuma refuses to intervene in Pravin Gordhan matter


South African President Jacob Zuma refuses to intervene in the Finance Minister case of Fraud and corruption.

South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan

President Jacob Zuma appeared before the National Council of Provinces on Tuesday where he answered questions on the charges against the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan ahead of the medium-term budget speech.

The President was asked by the house if he would intervene in the Fiances Minister’s matter with the National Prosecution Agency(NPA) to prevent any more damage to the economy?

The president responded by saying that institutions must remain independent and that South Africa respects the law.

“This country adheres to the Constitution and the rule of law. No individual is given a right within that to interfere with independent processes and decisions of independent institutions. I think that if this president was to interfere in any matter – either of chapter nine institutions or other institutions – then it would be closer to a banana republic,” Zuma answered.

“There is no intervention you can make when you don’t know what is happening.

“Once the law enforcement agencies act and take matters to court, only the court can look and judge on that matter.

No individual can intervene, he said.


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