Trump set a due-date for all Obama ambassadors to step-down


Donald Trump’s transition team demand all United States ambassadors appointed by Barack Obama to step-down by Inauguration Day

US Embassy & Consulates in South Africa
United States Embassy & Consulates in South Africa

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has issued a blanket mandate requiring politically appointed ambassadors installed by President Barack Obama to leave their posts by Inauguration Day.

“I will be departing on January 20th,” U.S. ambassador to New Zealand Mark Gilbert said in a Twitter message to Reuters.

The mandate was issued “without exceptions” through an order sent in a State Department cable on Dec. 23, Gilbert said.

He was confirming a report in the New York Times, which quoted diplomatic sources as saying previous U.S. administrations, from both major political parties, have traditionally granted extensions to allow a few ambassadors, particularly those with school-age children, to remain in place for weeks or months.

Officials from the State Department and Trump’s transition team were was not immediately available for comment.

The order threatens to leave the United States without Senate-confirmed envoys for months in critical nations like Germany, Canada and Britain



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