Zuma uses Chris Hani memorial to criticize marches


President Jacob Zuma used Chris Hani memorial as the platform to fight-back against his critics, now criticizes last week Anti-Zuma marches of Racism.

Speaking at a memorial to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the assassination of anti-apartheid and Communist Party leader Chris Hani, Zuma said South Africa had not yet built a non-racial society decades after white-minority rule ended in 1994.

President Zuma criticized last week mass mobilization and marches that drew tens of thousands & thousands of protesters across South Africa demanding his resignation.

“We have sadly not yet succeeded in building the non-racial society that we envisaged. There is a resurgence of racism in our country. It is also clear that racists have become more emboldened.” said President Zuma

“The marches that took place last week demonstrated that racism is real and exists in our country.

“Many placards and posters displayed beliefs that we thought had been buried in 1994, with some posters depicting black people as baboons.

“It is clear that some of our white compatriots regard black people as being lesser human beings or sub-human.

“The racist onslaught has become more direct and is no longer hidden as was the case in the early years of our constitutional democratic order.

“Racists no longer fear being caught or exposed.”

More than 60,000 people marched in the cities of South African cities on Friday in largely peaceful protests to demand President Zuma to step-down after a cabinet reshuffle which led to the Country’s ‘Downgrades’ by both the ratings agencies Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.

In his address during Chis Hani memorial, Zuma called on South Africans to unite and fight racism in the country, in the memory of Comrade Chris Hani.

“Chris Hani abhorred racism and fought against it all his life.” said Zuma

“He tragically lost his life at the hands of hard-core racists.”




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